Executive Team

The Student Association for Applied Statistics is led by a group of statistics enthusiasts who have great passion for promoting the statistics major to all students in UC Berkeley. They come from different backgrounds and are interested in different areas within statistics. Hover over the pictures to learn more about our execs!

*These photos are of the Fall 2019 Execs, photos of the Spring 2020 Execs are coming soon.


Caroline is currently a 3rd year double majoring in statistics and data science. She is specifically interested in how technology can impact business decisions, and is constantly looking for ways to get involved in this intersection. This is her 4th semester in SAAS, and she is excited to give back.

Caroline Chen



Justin is studying economics and statistics with an eye towards becoming an actuary. He is also interested in learning new ways to draw straight lines. In his free time, he likes to explore lesser known parts of campus as well as talking to his stuffed animals.

Justin Le

Co-Internal VP


Irene is a third year statistics and economics double major. She is interested in understanding how people’s lives are shaped by the business decisions that companies make. She is very excited to bring club members closer together in this academic year.

Irene Wang

Co-Internal VP


Andre is a third year statistics and economics major. This is his 5th semester in SAAS. He enjoys working with startups to develop business development strategies. He thinks ggplot is very useful. His quirks include collecting raw denim, binge watching Saturday Night Live, and hoarding Chipotle napkins.

Andre Sha

External VP

Director Team

The Director team heads SAAS's various committees. Hover over the pictures to learn more about our directors!

*These photos are of the Fall 2019 Directors, photos of the Spring 2020 Directors are coming soon.


Lucas is a junior studying Statistics and Data Science. This will be his third year in the club and spent last year working on the Taco Bell project. Lucas is particularly interested in linear modelling and NLP. Outside of statistics, Lucas is a passionate member of Cal Cycling and the Cal Club Tennis team.

Lucas Bandarkar

Data Consulting Director


Luke is a junior Computer Science and Statistics double major. He is passionate about deep learning and all he knows how to do is plugging and chugging python code from Stack Overflow and Medium. Other than eating, drinking and sleeping neural nets, he enjoys spending time discovering new things about the world and playing board games with anyone!

Luke Dai

Data Consulting Director


Ethan is a junior majoring in Data Science and Industrial Engineering. He is an aspiring Data Scientist particularly interested in the medical machine learning field. Outside of SAAS, Ethan is interning part-time at doc.ai as well as being a coach for the Cal Club Soccer Team.

Ethan Ho

Data Consulting Director


Nickan is a junior studying Engineering Mathematics and Statistics. Outside of SAAS, he is a legislative intern for Berkeley City Councilmember Kate Harrison and Chief of Staff for ASUC Senator Media Sina. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, photography, watching soccer and skiing, and playing the piano, violin, and trumpet.

Nickan Fayyazi

Research & Publications Director


Chaitali is a sophomore studying Statistics/Data Science and Economics. Apart from SAAS, she has also started her own non-profit catered toward providing education to needy children in developing countries. She enjoys painting, dancing and solving sudoku puzzles!

Chaitali Mandavia

Research & Publications Director


Nicole is a third year Computer Science and Statistics major. Outside of SAAS, she is also involved with an organization that brings STEM after-school programs to local schools and works with Berkeley’s Human Rights Center. When she’s not trying to achieve her lifetime goal of finally finding a seat in Moffit, she likes to cook, draw, and play volleyball.

Nicole Zhu

Research & Publications Director


Prince is majoring in statistics and computer science. He is also interested in playing against people on NBA2K and Mario Kart. In his free time, Prince chases after kiwibots around the campus to compensate the workout time he lost due to his upper-division Statistics courses.

Prince Wang

Career Exploration Director


Andrew is a Senior studying statistics and computer science. His favorite language used to be R until he attained enlightenment and converted to Python. He enjoys sharing his path to enlightenment with others by striving to create a more collaborative and compassionate learning community at Berkeley through the Education Committee.

Andrew Rall

Education Director


Rachel is a second year studying Statistics and CS with an interest in using technology for social or environmental impact. When she’s not showing up to every SAAS event, you can find her at the Blue & Gold Yearbook office. Rachel also loves bullet journaling, taking photos for her food account, and playing board games like Avalon <3

Rachel Li

Web Development Director


Megan is a second year computer science and economics major. This will be her second year in the club and second semester on the web development team. She likes learning about how data science and statistics can impact the social sciences and change traditional research methods.

Megan Zhu

Web Development Director


Anthony is an aspiring computer scientist eager to apply data to produce new solutions. He continues to learn new technologies and the applicability of statistics and data to keep up with the rapid technological development. His other interests include basketball, chess, and climbing the Clash Royale ladder.

Anthony Yu

Head Advisor