Executive Team

The Student Association for Applied Statistics is led by a group of statistics enthusiasts who have great passion for promoting statistics to all students in UC Berkeley. They come from different backgrounds and are interested in different areas within statistics. Hover over the pictures to learn more about our execs!


Caroline is currently a junior majoring in Statistics and Data Science. This is her fifth semester in SAAS, and she is interested in the application of data analysis in business. She likes drinking coffee and playing with her two dogs. Also, Python > R > Excel.

Caroline Chen



Elysia is a second year studying Data Science and Applied Mathematics. This is her second semester in the IVP committee. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and data science education, especially as it relates to equity in the Bay Area. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, and reading contemporary novels.

Elysia Gao

Internal VP


Andre is a third year statistics and economics major. This is his 6th semester in SAAS. He works with high-growth startups on developing go-to-market strategies. He thinks ggplot is very useful. His quirks include collecting raw denim, binge watching Saturday Night Live, and hoarding Chipotle napkins.

Andre Sha

External VP


Luke is a junior Computer Science major and Statistics minor. He is passionate about deep learning and all he knows how to do is plugging and chugging python code from Stack Overflow and Medium. He also enjoys spending time discovering new things about the world and playing board games with anyone!

Luke Dai

VP of Projects

Director Team

The Director team heads SAAS's various committees. Hover over the pictures to learn more about our directors!


Amal is a third year Data Science and Economics double major. This is his second semester in SAAS. In his free time, he loves to read, play basketball, and write. You can catch him watching The Office and eating thai food.

Amal Bhatnagar

Data Consulting Director


Amanda is a fourth year Data Science major. This is her fourth semester in SAAS. She loves trying out all sorts of matcha snacks/lattes, munching on berries, and dancing ballet.

Amanda Ma

Data Consulting Director


Gwyneth is a third year Computer Science student from Singapore. This is her second semester in SAAS. She enjoys cooking and playing mahjong!

Gwyneth Ang

Data Consulting Director


Haoming is a second year Computer Science major, and this will be his second semester in SAAS. He’s interested in NLP and Computer Vision. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and basketball, drinking boba tea and sleeping.

Haoming Guo

Data Consulting Director


Lucas is a junior studying Statistics and Data Science. This will be his third year in the club and was the director for the Data Secrets project last semester. Lucas is particularly interested in NLP and ensemble learning. Outside of statistics, Lucas is a passionate member of Cal Cycling and the Cal Club Tennis team.

Lucas Bandarkar

Data Consulting Director


Pengyuan is a second year Computer Science major. This is his third semester in SAAS. He likes running, cooking, playing the guitar and learning random new skills on YouTube. Join him for a Berkeley Marina run or a study session at Moffitt!

Pengyuan Chen

Data Consulting Director


Nicole is a third year statistics and computer science major :0 She can often be found in her natural habitat of Bechtel 120.

Nicole Zhu

Research & Publication Director


Michael is a second year computer science and applied math major. This is his third semester in SAAS. Find him playing board games like Dominion and dead fighting games like Guilty Gear and ask to play him if you’re interested.

Michael Wang

Research & Publication Director


Aishani is a sophomore studying computer science. This is her third semester being involved with R&P; outside of academics, she also likes to teach, play with Photoshop, and roam the aisles of Whole Foods.

Aishani Sil

Research & Publication Director


Ashley is a freshman studying Statistics. This is her second semester in SAAS. In her free time, she enjoys trying out new baking recipes, going on Trader Joe’s runs, hiking, and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and Youtube.

Ashley Zhang

Career Exploration Director


Mary is a freshman studying Computer Science. This is her second semester in SAAS. She likes eating ice cream, swimming, and taking Taekwondo classes. She can be mostly found in EE16A and Doe library.

Mary Guo

Career Exploration Director


Andrew is a senior studying statistics and computer science who works as a Data Scientist in Palo Alto. His favorite language used to be R until he attained enlightenment and converted to Python. He enjoys sharing his path to enlightenment with others by striving to create a more collaborative and compassionate learning community at Berkeley through the Education Committee.

Andrew Rall

Education Director


Linda is a sophomore studying Statistics and Computer Science. This will be her second semester in SAAS Web Development Committee. In her free time, she loves to learn about new web technologies and other topics not taught in class. Outside of academics, she likes cooking and exploring new restaurants with friends!

Linda Deng

Web Development Director


Rachel is a sophomore studying Statistics and Computer Science. When she’s not showing up to every SAAS event, you can find her at the Blue & Gold Yearbook office or being Esh trash. Rachel also loves bullet journaling, taking photos for her food Instagram, and playing board games like Secret Hitler and Avalon <3

Rachel Li

Web Development Director

Advisor Team

The Advisor team assists SAAS members with technical projects and logistical issues. Advisors also provide career advice and act as mentors to other members.


Anthony is an aspiring computer scientist eager to apply data to produce new solutions. He continues to learn new technologies and the applicability of statistics and data to keep up with the rapid technological development. His other interests include basketball, chess, and climbing the Clash Royale ladder.

Anthony Yu

Head Advisor


Brian is a fourth year studying Statistics, CS, and Applied Math. He has been a member of SAAS for 7 semesters, having previously worked in two Data Consulting teams and served as a director for CX and R&P. He is currently interested in applications of statistics and computer science in computational biology and quantitative finance.

Brian Yao

Recruitment Advisor


I'm Pikachu

Ronnie Ghose

Data Consulting Advisor


Alex has been a member of SAAS for 7 semesters.

Alex Yi

Data Consulting Advisor


Oscar is a fourth year studying Data Science and Economics. He’s been part of SAAS for 8 semesters, having served as EVP, FVP, R&P director, and been on 2 DC teams. He is interested in how data can drive business decisions in addition to the potential impact data can have on public and social sectors. Outside of SAAS, he’s a big fan of basketball and public transportation!

Oscar Syu

Exec Advisor


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Spring 2019 Interviews


“One thing about doing a project on bias is that you start to notice your own…”

Lily Bhattacharjee

"When I have a kid they will be fluent in English, Chinese, and Python"

Irene Wang

"A lot of lower division courses don’t really show you what data science truly is"

Joyce Zheng

“Bad Merlin. Good Oberon.”

Megan Zhu

“Follow my food account”

Rachel Li

“…being able to see the scale and size of some the data we would deal with and being able to do a project without much structure the same way you get in class”

Oscar Syu

“…if you ask people what part of this x club you like the most, it’s nice to hear them say community.”

Calvin Chen

“The Russian car was signed by Putin himself, so I touched his autograph”

Zoe Liu

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