Meet Our Members

SAAS would like to formally introduce our Community page! We hope that this addition to our site will give you a feel of what we do outside of our committees, and help you get to know our members a little better! Click on a member's name to read their interview.

Spring 2019 Interviews

lily_bhattacharjee Lily Bhattacharjee

“One thing about doing a project on bias is that you start to notice your own…”

irene_wang Irene Wang

"When I have a kid they will be fluent in English, Chinese, and Python"

joyce_zheng Joyce Zheng

"A lot of lower division courses don’t really show you what data science truly is"

megan_zhu Megan Zhu

“Bad Merlin. Good Oberon.”

rachel_li Rachel Li

“Follow my food account”

oscar_syu Oscar Syu

“…being able to see the scale and size of some the data we would deal with and being able to do a project without much structure the same way you get in class”

calvin_chen Calvin Chen

“…if you ask people what part of this x club you like the most, it’s nice to hear them say community.”

zoe_liu Zoe Liu

“The Russian car was signed by Putin himself, so I touched his autograph”

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