Besides hosting events, SAAS also offers opportunities for students to hone their skills as a member of one of its four committees. By joining a committee, students can get involved in the leadership of the club and gain practical experience in statistical research, event planning, or marketing. We encourage any interested students to apply at the beginning of each semester.

Data Consulting

At the core of our club is the Data Consulting Committee. Members have the opportunity to analyze real-life data, working with companies, nonprofits, and Berkeley-affiliated organizations to advise policy and make data-driven decisions. Students will learn a variety of machine learning techniques and advanced statistical methods, as well as a suite of visualization tools, all in a professional yet instructive setting.

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Career Exploration

The Career Exploration Committee is a great place to start for students who are just beginning their careers in Statistics! Members get access to exclusive weekly talks, statistical and professional workshops, and career info sessions, along with private office hours with experienced advisors and the continuous academic and social support SAAS offers.

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Web Development

The Web Development Committee develops and maintains our website in addition to developing web applications for various uses. Members will learn the fundamentals of developing and maintaining a website through working on projects for the SAAS website. In Spring 2019, we will also offer some projects related to front-end data visualization.

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Research and Publication

The Research and Publication Committee gives driven students the opportunity to pursue personal research projects in topics ranging from industry trends and developments to personal statistical studies while backed by readily available individual guidance and a professional medium of publication.

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The Education Committee provides a great outlet for those interested in statistics, data science, and machine learning to share their knowledge through writing and presenting material. Members will work on a multitude of topics, rotating between creating and presenting material for our Career Exploration Committee, creating blog posts, and incorporating all of our work into a DeCal for Fall 2019.

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Events and Marketing (IVP Office)

The Events and Marketing Committee is a small team dedicated to planning academic, professional, and social events for the club, gaining hands-on experience in event organization and management. Members will also earn valuable design and marketing skills through event design and upkeep of our social media pages.

External Affairs (EVP Office)

The External Affairs Committee is a committee designed to aid the EVP in his/her daily tasks. As part of this committee, members will be aiding in maintaining relationships with our professor and alumni networks, as well as collaborating with other campus organizations through our club outreach programs.