Besides hosting events, SAAS also offers opportunities for students to hone their skills as a member of one of its seven committees. By joining a committee, students can get involved in the leadership of the club and gain practical experience in statistical research, event planning, or marketing. We encourage any interested students to apply at the beginning of each semester.

In the Data Consulting committee, members have the opportunity to analyze real-life data, working with companies, nonprofits, and Berkeley-affiliated organizations to advise policy and make data-driven decisions. Students will learn a variety of machine learning techniques and advanced statistical methods, as well as a suite of visualization tools, all in a professional yet instructive setting.

The Career Exploration Committee is designed to build a strong statistics and data science foundation among its members. Members will participate in a weekly lecture and work on team projects that apply the concepts taught in lecture. Towards the end of the semester, members will compete in a committee-wide Kaggle data analysis competition, allowing them to showcase their newfound knowledge of machine learning techniques including linear regression, random forests, and neural networks.

The Web Development Committee develops and maintains our club website. Members have the opportunity to apply current web development technologies to publicize the club’s projects and research.

Members will conduct research on a topic of their choosing with the guidance of the directors. The members will have the opportunity to brainstorm, collect data, analyze and write a report on the subject they select at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester, the members will have a chance to present their projects at the Research Symposium and the SAAS Banquet.

The primary purpose of the Education Committee (ED) is to provide a weekly lecture and enriching projects to the Career Exploration Committee. We also host workshops that are open to the entire campus community on topics ranging from Resume Building to PyTorch.

Events and Marketing, colloquially referred to as IVP, is tasked with organizing and hosting events for the overall club. As part of this committee, members will plan and execute socials, activities, and other club events. Additionally, the committee may also be tasked by the president to design and print flyers and advertisements for the club, as well as manage club booths at campus wide club recruiting events. Finally, members will have an opportunity to provide a voice on the general status and affairs of the club as a whole, as well as offer any suggestions to the structure of the organization.

The External Affairs Committee is a committee designed to aid the EVP in his/her daily tasks. As part of this committee, members will be aiding in maintaining relationships with our professor and alumni networks, as well as collaborating with other campus organizations through our club outreach programs.